Canadian Bushcraft

Radek Odolczyk


Radek was born in Warsaw Poland, and has lived in Canada since he was four years old. A lover of all things nature, Radek has been a woodworker for much of his life. For many years, Radek has worked as a carpenter, always preferring to work with old-style hand tools over the modern power tools. In 2011, Radek received a Technologist diploma in Ecosystem Management. His experience in tree identification, and traditional woodworking makes him an amazing teacher on the finer details of shaping wood without modern conveniences. Radek’s old-world style of upbringing involved the learning of traditional methods of cooking and food preservation. This has lead Radek to being a master of pickling, fermenting and other age-old techniques of saving food for the winter. Radek’s true passions in the outdoors are those of the naturalist; birdwatching, tracking, wild plant identification, and beyond. Combine those with his knowledge of woodcraft, and you can see why we brought him into the Canadian Bushcraft family!