Canadian Bushcraft

Ethan Huner


In the fall of 2010 Canadian Bushcraft invited long time friend, seasoned tracker, and naturalist, Ethan Huner to join them. Ethan began his awareness and skills training at Redtail Nature Awareness in his home province of Nova Scotia. Ethan continued to learn from such notable teachers like James Bruchac at “Ndakinna Wilderness Project”, and James Halfpenn, PhD, from “A Naturalists World” (MT, USA).

Outside of the formal training, Ethan spent a long time honing his skills in eastern North America. The tremendous amount of “dirt time” he has spent in this field has given Ethan a wealth of knowledge he loves to share. Ethan’s experience has led him to work as a professional naturalist in Pocono Mountains, PA, USA and in Algonquin Provincial Park Canada. Ethan can also often be found on the pow-wow trail as a grass-dancer and singer with the First Nation Drum Group “Armour Hill Singers.”

As a guest on past Canadian Bushcraft courses, Ethan’s calm personality and obvious passion for the skills, combined with his extensive knowledge and experience left students in awe with their natural surroundings -and his lessons- every time. We invite you to come experience his skills and knowledge.