Canadian Bushcraft

Darian Bacon


Darian Bacon grew up in the forests of Bobcaygeon Ontario, right in the heart of the Kawartha Lakes. Up in such an ideal environment of lakes and forests, Darian was learning the ways of nature from a young age. His passion for building communities around traditional skills and values was evident throughout his upbringing and we are pleased to have him with us as one of our new staff members

Darian is a First Response medic, a businessman, a performing artist, and a healer in many different medical modalities. Darian has focused his nature learning on developing and maintaining strong community bonds through interdependence, shared passions, and blending resources and knowledge.

Certified as an Adult Educator through Durham College, Darian brings a vast knowledge of lesson planning and curriculum development into Canadian Bushcraft. He prefers to stay behind the camera, capturing our instructors in their most brilliant moments; but ventures into view from time to time with lessons of particular interest to him.

Known rather famously as the “Mead Man”, Darian has taught Mazing (meadmaking) in venues ranging from backwoods workshops, to university forums. Darian is also the creator, and coordinator of one of Canada’s premiere traditional skills events that are open to the public called the “Harvest Gathering”, where he pioneered an educational and community model in which “Facilitators”; members of the community with a passion to learn, are guided on a self-study, year long intensive program on a skill of their choosing, which they then present in a forum to the group at their annual conference. “This ensures a perpetual momentum within our own community, focussing more on self reliance and sharing, and less on external instructors and faces we only see once a year” he mused once when asked about it.

Having previously worked with several other Wilderness Schools, Darian has found a place for himself in Canadian Bushcraft, and we are proud to have him working with us.