Canadian Bushcraft

Casey Coleman


Casey Coleman is of Abenaki and Anishnaabeg descent. Born and raised in Central Ontario, since his High School days Casey has spent much of his time learning about his traditional ancestors, the Abenaki Nation. As a historical reenactor, and an avid woodsman, Casey has scraped deerskins, tanned pelts, and carved exquisite wooden flutes. Casey is an all-around handyman, who know how to make things work. With his short time in the Armed Forces, combined with his love for the outdoors, Casey has a true “get-it-done” attitude, that ends with beautiful precision. Casey’s knowledge of the tools and techniques of his ancestors has helped to expand the understanding of many of our students. Casey’s affable nature, and willingness to help the student learn are true hallmarks of his skill as an instructor. Casey also loves to be involved in filming, and on many of our most recent videos, he’s the man behind the camera. So if you don’t like the shakyness of the videos, blame him!