Canadian Bushcraft


Throughout history, baskets have carried everything precious from berries to babies. There are countless varieties of baskets in the world. The materials to make them could be splints of wood, folded bark, willow shoots and even grass. The styles of baskets can be as varied as the Nations that used them; from the Siberian Evenk, to the Anishnaabeg (aka the Ojibway).

This June, join traditional craftsman, Nick Dillingham from Black Thunder Studios, as he spends three days teaching methods of Anishnaabeg basketry. Each day, students will focus on making two baskets, resulting with upwards of six baskets to take home on Sunday. All tools will be provided, and all materials will be harvested on site.

Course Location: Peterborough Area \ Hiawatha First Nation

Date: Class starts at Noon on Friday June 12 and runs until noon on Sunday June 14, 2015

– Camping accommodations provided if needed.

Cost: $300.00 (No Taxes)