Our Courses

The one-day Survival Skills program focuses on the priorities of a Survivor, and the tools that can help you get home to your loved ones. 

The three-day Basic Bushcraft Workshop allows a newcomer to the woods the opportunity to expand their skills and step into the world of comfort that the woods has to offer. 

Designed by outdoorswomen, taught by outdoorswomen, for outdoorswomen. This course is an equivalent credit to the Basic Bushcraft course.

The Advanced Bushcraft Workshop starts where the Basic Bushcraft Workshop left off. The neophyte can now become a true Woods Wanderer, and call nature home.
Have you ever wondered what it was like learning skills in-depth, until you were intimately aware of every subtle nuance within them? Join Canadian Bushcraft for a one-week intensive training course, where each day focuses on specific skills
On this one day workshop, you will learn everything from ignition, to firelays, to extinguishment of your fires. We will go through chemical, spark and friction fires, as well as a few other nifty techniques.
In this one-day workshop, our culinary conscious crew will show you countless tips and tricks to make your camping meals something worth remembering!
Part two of our cooking workshop series. You will learn how to not worry about the dishes! From pit ovens, to mudbaking, to hot rock cooking, we’re going a little Archaic in the Kitchen.
On this one-day course, students will learn about the traditional foods of the Anishinaabeg, and their neighbouring nations. Foods such as acorns, wild rice, corn, walleye, beaver and many others will be covere, including gathering, processing and cooking.
Ever wondered how Maple Sugar was made by First Nations People’s of Central Ontario? On this one day workshop, we will guide you through the process of making traditional early contact and pre-contact maple sugar.
During this one-day course, Canadian Bushcraft staff will teach how to safely handle an axe for the tasks it is meant for, and then some. Felling techniques, splitting methods, and the use of wedges and other aides will be covered as well.
On this one-day workshop, you will learn how to safely use a knife for carving wood, as well as a little bit on processing game (meat). Knife selection for Bushcraft-oriented chores, as well as how to maintain your knife will also be covered.
On this one-day course, students will learn how to bring copper and tin to the proper temperatures, to be able to cast bronze tools into clay, stone and even wooden moulds.
From staining wood, to dying yarn, how can we work with the colours of nature? On this one day workshop, our staff will guide you into the arts of plant dyes and stains.
In this one day class, our staff will teach you everything from plant fibre Cordage, to making some of the most invaluable knots for the woods, and even how to throw the perfect bear hang!

For those that wish to up their game for deer season. For those that wish to understand the ethics and conservationism revolving around deer hunting. For those that just want to get closer to nature.