Back to the Bronze Age

Bronze was -arguably- the medium that helped to jumpstart modern civilization. Bronze was used in Asia, Africa, Europe, and even the Americas, to make hunting implements, carving tools, agricultural implements, and even jewelry. The metalurgical process is simple, yet very delicate, plenty of heat, and requires stable hands and good raw materials.
On this one-day course, students will learn how to bring copper and tin to the proper temperatures, to be able to cast bronze tools into clay, stone and even wooden moulds. Students will also learn how to finish, sharpen, mount and use their tools.
Guest Instructor Mike Moody is from Peterborough Ontario, and is an Archeologist by trade, and a material culture specialist, particularly lithic technology and archaeometallurgy. His formal education includes an undergrad at Trent University, with an H.Ba in Anthropology, as well as an MSc in Experimental Archaeology, from The University of Sheffield, England. Mike is a hunter, fisherman, and all-around woodsman, who has a passion for figuring out how people lived in the past. From firing clay pots in the heat of summer, to casting and shaping bronze axes to understand the impact of the introduction of metals, Mike has a broad spectrum of skills, that makes his knowledge very unique, and highly esteemed by his colleagues.